Congratulations!  You are about to enter a hobby that has captured the fancy and imagination of millions of

THE RACE PLACE is the longest operating, family run slot car racing facility in the country.  Since April of
1966 our goal has been to make slot car racing affordable to everyone.  Slot car racing is fun for any age
group.  Many of the adults you see racing today, began racing with us back in 1966.

By the mid-sixties there were thousands of commercial slot car tracks all over the country.  But, the boom came
and went, and only a few survived until today.  Recently there has been a renewed interest in slot car racing.  
The number of available slot car tracks is growing again.

Other tracks may offer far more expensive cars and parts than we normally carry.  Here at THE RACE PLACE,
in our effort to make slot car racing fun and more affordable, we have chosen to sell reasonably priced slot
cars, which perform very well.  If you do not see what you need, just ask.  We will attempt to order whatever
will make your racing more enjoyable.

Even our least expensive cars have good handling characteristics and can approach very respectable "scale
speeds".  You don't have to own an expensive slot car to enjoy the thrill of racing.  You do not even need to buy
a slot car to enjoy racing as we also provide rental cars that you may try for only $5.00 for 15 minutes.


Slot cars are powered by a small electric motor, which runs on about 12 volts.  This is completely safe, and
there is no danger of getting a shock from this low voltage.  The hand controller regulates the speed of your
car.  The further you depress the trigger, the faster the car goes.  When you release the trigger, the controller
activates the car's brakes.  The slot in the track guides the car eliminating the need to steer the car.  The power
to the track is controlled by a timer, which will turn off automatically at the end of the time, which you

While operation of a slot car is easy for younger children, adults enjoy the thrill of finding the highest speed at
which their car will remain on the different portions of the track without coming off the track.  Slot car racing
provides excellent "hand-eye" coordination training for younger children.  There is also the element of exercise,
when you consider having to get up and walk to where a car came out of the slot to put it back on.  We can
decrease the power to your lane for young children learning to race, to make learning that much easier.  Our
different tracks allow you to choose how challenging you prefer your racing to be.  Our objective is always to
make sure you are having fun.


The controller you need depends upon the car you drive.  Any employee will be happy to help you with your
choice of controller, or you may just rent one of ours.


We offer cars in the two standard sizes.  The smaller car is 1/32 scale.  This smaller car is known as a
"womp-womp", and is the least expensive and most durable slot car.  Any 1/32-scale car is excellent for the
beginner, although this is also the favorite car of many adults.  The larger slot car is 1/24-scale.  The larger cars
are the "Flexi-car", the "Group-12", and the "Group-20".  While the "Flexi-car" has the same motor as the
womps, the flexi-car frame tends to allow the car to negotiate turns at higher speeds than the 1/32-scale cars
and is somewhat easier to drive.  Flexi-cars can either be 4 or 4 1/2 inch.  The 4 1/2 inch cars and trucks do not
handle quite as well as the 4-inch cars, and will therefore allow you to gain greater driving skills while using

The "Group-12" car has a faster motor than the "Flexi-car", and is capable of faster "pick-up" coming out of the
turns.  When you run a group-12 car you may ask for your power to be turned up for this more powerful
motor.   The "Group-20" car has a more powerful motor than the "Group-12" car, and has the lightest slot car
frame.  You should also ask for your power to be turned up for this powerful motor.  The "Group-20" motor
tends to get hot if run for long periods of time.  You should allow the motor to cool off periodically to obtain the
longest motor life.  Group-20 motors should not be installed in the heavier slot car frames.  In our effort to
eliminate any injuries, we always require that a slot car have the standard soft plastic body securely attached to
the slot car frame.  This requirement has prevented any injuries since 1966.


Maintenance of a slot car is minimal.    We provide all replacement parts for the cars we sell, as well as a large
assortment of different bodies to fit your car.  We even have "clear" bodies, which you can paint in the design
of your choice.

The two copper braids at the front of the car are the most important part of the car.  This is how the car
receives the electric from the track, as well as activation of the brakes.  These copper braids must be clean, and
must lie flat and straight with a slight curve down at the ends.  Whenever a slot car is pulled backwards on the
track, or whenever car performance becomes erratic, it is time to inspect the braids.  Whenever your car
doesn't stay on the track as well as it used to, you will probably find the braids lifting the guide flag partly up out
of the slot.  The deeper the guide flag is in the slot, the better the car stays on the track.  Any employee would
be happy to show you how to position your copper braids to obtain the best performance from your car.

While we do sell a wide variety of tires for your car, usually tires need only be cleaned, rather than replaced.  
Applying a small amount of lighter fluid to the tires, and wiping it off with a rag will restore your tires to better
than new condition.  Cleaning new tires will actually make them grip the track better.  Tires need only be
replaced when the frame of your car is only 1/16 inch above the track.  We sell a test-board to allow you to
determine this clearance.

This board will also allow you to see if the frame of your car has become bent as a result of a crash.  If you do
not own a test-board, you can borrow ours.  We also offer a large choice of gears for your car.  This allows
you to obtain the combination of power and speed to suit your style of driving.  We would be happy to discuss
the gearing possibilities before you buy any different gears.  Your gear mesh may be affected in a crash.  You
should check that there is the slightest space between the teeth of the two gears, all the way around the gears.  
Gears with no space will make the car run slower, while too much space will wear-out the gears quickly.  Your
rear tires should be adjusted so that your wheels do not bind against the axle bushings.  The axle should be able
to move sideways by the slightest amount.  This will allow the car to reach the fastest speed.  Your car should
only be oiled after every four hours of actual running.  Too much oil is worse than not enough.  We would be
happy to show you how to oil your car, as well as adjust your gears and axle.  Accidents happen in all forms of
racing.  In the event of a serious crash we will show you how to restore the condition of your car.  Some parts
of your car are soldered together.  While we do sell an excellent soldering iron, we will be happy to do any
soldering required to fix your car.  There is no charge for this service, aside from any new parts you may
require.  It is not unusual to see children with only a few years of experience, taking a slot car motor apart to
rebuild it rather than replace the complete motor.  We will be happy to show you how to do any necessary
repairs upon your car.  Don't be afraid to ask for our help.


The RACE PLACE offers several forms of organized racing at the 1151 Highway 33 location in the Talco
Building.  Several times a month we have special races.  These special races may include wing-cars, cars racing
in the dark using headlights, or numerous other races that our customers frequently request.  Ask for our free
calendar to see which races are scheduled for the month.

We have races for inexperienced drivers on Friday evenings starting at 7:30 pm.  Children as young as five years
old are welcome to race together.  The races are set up according to age, so adults are also welcome to race
with other adults.   While these races are primarily for people new to slot car racing, experienced racers may
also compete together on Friday evenings as well.  Friday Evening is the perfect time for the whole family to be
able to race. You are never too young or too old to enjoy slot car racing.  On Wednesday evenings we race
GT-1, and WSC cars for the more experienced drivers.  Racers win credit towards future purchases.  Ask for a
current calendar of events.  Many of the nationally famous drivers you watch on TV got their start in racing
with slot cars, and some began at The Race Place.

We are here to make your slot car racing as enjoyable as possible.  We will not tolerate any objectionable
behavior, so your entire family will be comfortable watching you race.  Be sure to ask about our 1/2 price track
time and Birthday parties.  We look forward to seeing you enjoy this hobby for many  many years, and always
welcome any suggestions that you may have.


What does Slot Car Courtesy mean?  It means that certain behaviors are not acceptable to all attendees at the
track.  Language not suitable to a family oriented environment will get you removed from the premises.  Poor
sportsmanship will also get you removed from a race or the track proper.  Drinking alcohol on premises, not to
mention drug use will immediately get you removed.

Never put your hands in someone else's slot car box, or handle someone's cars or tools without their
permission.  Many get upset not because they are hiding something illegal, but because it does not belong to
you.  Our racers will be glad to show you anything or help you out with questions if you have the courtesy to
ask first.  Borrowing tools can be a good way to become unpopular.  Many racers have a sizable amount of
cash tied up in equipment.  Replacing tools takes money out of their mostly limited racing budget.  If you do
borrow, with permission, please promptly return said tools.

Learn how to race with respect for those on the track with you.  If you are a new driver, find out quickly the
courtesy of learning how, where, and when to pass another car.  If you always cause other drivers to crash,
you can expect the same treatment from them.  If you are careful and allow faster drivers to safely pass you
without crashing, then those other drivers will show you the same respect.  Keep a look out ahead of your car
and slow down if there is a crash ahead of your car.  Running into other cars will cost you laps in a race as well
as extra money for parts.  You don't win races or get any laps while your car is on the floor.
1151 Highway 33, Farmingdale, New Jersey 07727
Slot Car Racing
Since 1966