Thursday Night
Rumble Rules
Open to All
Same Cars As Friday Night Nascar A
With A Different Body
If It’s Not Mentioned
It’s Not Legal

Race will be run on the Hillclimb. Start time will be between 7:30 & 8:00 PM. We will run
on 6 or 8 lanes depending on how many racers we have. Three minute heats $4.00
entry fee.  One car per driver one driver per car.
All cars must pass tech. Bodies must be painted with clear windows and
clear or cutout front wheel wells
Track clearance tech will be .047” under rear of chassis from tire to tire
Cars may not exceed 3 ¼” width. May use any guide flag and nut  
Motors, motor bushing. lead wire, lead wire holder, front axle, front wheel keepers, axle
bushings, and legal bracing may be soldered in.
Tape and lead weight on chassis ok, you may tape body clips in.
May change lead wire, independent front wheels are permitted in all classes
Must run a Parma #501 Stock Motor retail price $12.49 may change brushes Only no
other modifications

Run on high power
May use  electronic controllers

Chassis:       4” parma flexi 1 or flexi 2 only (may interchange parts)                       
May use any guide flag and nut                         
Bodies:        Parma Dome, Mercedes CLK GT-1, Intrepid and Zonda only             
             must use body clips. May cut out back of body                       
Tires:           Front Wheels: Parma/PSE metal single o-ring ½” or 5/8” diameter only
                Rear:  any black foam or rubber                                                           
Axels:          front axel  1/16” , rear axel 1/8” both must be steel                             
Gears:         9 tooth stock brass pinion and any Parma or Generic black plastic 48
pitch spur gear only                                                           
Motor:        Parma 501 sealed deathstar motor with stock pinion NO MODIFICATIONS  

Be the best racer you can be
support the sport by being the best
corner marshal you can be
without marshals we have no races
everyone needs to help
If You Do Not Marshal, You May Not Get Your Payout. If You Can not Marshal
You Need To Get Someone Who Is Not Marshaling To Do It For You
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