H o w   T o   R a c e
These instructions will help you to learn how our organized races are conducted, and will make your
racing experience a lot more fun.  While these instructions are for our Friday evening races, they will
be helpful for any of our other races.

First, you need to know which type of car you will be racing.  You can click "RULES", and then click
the race that you are interested in racing.  For example, Friday cars must be either Flexi-1 or Flexi-2
with a sealed 16-D Deathstar motor.

Our first race on Friday evening is for beginner racers under eleven years of age.  This race starts at
7:30 but you should arrive earlier to get some practice.  We open at 6:00 on Friday evening.  If you are
not sure if your car is acceptable to race you should check with Jerry or any one behind the counter as
soon as you arrive.

Around 7:30 you will hear "Novice-B racers under 11 years old up to the counter for tech".  Bring your
car up to the counter so that Jerry can make sure that your car meets the rules.  If your car does meet
the rules you will be assigned a starting position.  If your car does not meet the rules you will have to
fix it before you can race.

We race on the White, Green, Orange, Blue, Yellow, and Purple lanes.  If there are more than 6 racers
you may begin racing on the White lane in a later heat.  For example, if you are assigned "fifth-on"
that means that you will begin racing on the White lane in the SIXTH heat.  If your starting
assignment is "Blue", then you will begin racing on the BLUE lane in the FIRST heat.  You will need to
place a colored sticker (the same color as the lane you will race upon)  on your windshield so that the
marshals will know which color lane your car belongs on.  Be sure to buy your colored stickers before
the race begins.  You will race on the Hillclimb track (the one on the left).  You will race 2-minutes on
each of the six lanes.  After you race 2-minutes on your first lane you will move to the lane to your left
and you must move your car to the corresponding lane on the track.  Be sure to change the colored
sticker on your windshield at this time.  After you race on the Purple lane you may either move to the
White lane or have to wait for several races until you go to the White lane.  Listen for your name to be
called for you to race on the White lane.  For the first heat that YOU race you will need to place your
car AT THE STARTING LINE.  The starting line is on the lower section at the back of the track.  For all
following heats you move your car to your next lane right next to where you finished your previous
heat.  If you are off the track for several heats after you race on the purple lane REMEMBER WHERE
YOU WERE on the purple lane so that you correctly position your car when you race on the WHITE
lane.  If you attempt to move your car forward of where you should be, the computer knows and will
subtract laps.  Many racers could have won many races if they had not attempted to cheat by moving
their car forward between heats.  The computer will not allow you to cheat.  We have one racer who
always moves his car forward between heats and the computer subtracts laps - which explains why he
has never won any races.

When you sign up to race you are required to help put cars back on the track if
they fall off the track during a race.  This is called being a marshal.  You only
need to do this while you are not actually racing.  If you do not marshal you may
not get your payout.  If you are unable to marshal you should tell Jerry Sr or
Jackie, and you should ask someone to take your place.  See picture below for
positions to marshal.

You will notice that there are many different looking controllers available.  Even the least expensive
Parma controller will work just fine for you.  You may find that you prefer the Parma "Turbo"
controller, which can handle any motor that we sell.  You DO NOT need any of the expensive electronic

The top finishers win "store credit".  In the Novice races you win a free track time if you do not win
store credit.  The computer determines how many racers win store credit and how many win free track
time, as well as what the payout will be based upon the number of people racing.

If you have any questions please ask, or use our e-mail address.  We are here to make your racing
experience as much fun for you as possible!

H O W   T O   M A R S H A L   ( p u t   c a r s   b a c k   o n   t h e   t r a c k )

You are required to marshal if you race Novice-A, Nascar-A, or Nascar-B.  After you have raced on the
purple lane you will go to where number-1 is in the picture above to marshal the next heat.  After that
heat you will go to the number-2 position to marshal.  You will continue going to each following number
in the picture above for each following heat.  If there are less than 12 racers you may hear your name
called to go on the white lane before you marshal all 6 positions.

If you have not been assigned a starting position in the first heat, you may be assigned a position to
marshal for the first heat.  For example, if you are assigned to marshal position 3 in the first heat, you
will then marshal position 4 in the following heat, etc, until you reach position 6, or until you hear your
name called to race on the white lane.  After you have raced on the purple lane you will then marshal
position 1, followed by position 2.  As long as there are enough racers, everyone marshals every
position once.

The most important thing is that you marshal where you should be at that time.  If you are not
required to marshal any position at a specific time, then of course you are welcome to help out by
marshaling between the assigned positions, and the other racers will appreciate your help.  If you do
not marshal as required, then you may not receive your next payout, whenever that may be.

If you hear that volunteer marshals are needed for a race that you are not even in,
everyone will notice and appreciate it if you volunteer to help.

                 The parents of Novice-B racers usually marshal the Novice-B races.

Be the best racer you can be
            support the sport by being the best
                   corner marshal you can be
             without marshals we have no races
                      everyone needs to help
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